Data East Jurassic Park


Original 10/06/2017

Data East's Jurassic Park is a pinball machine I had been interested in owning for 15 years!

Jurassic Park is based on a groundbreaking film from the 1993, has integrated the theme well, and has a great playfield layout. It's just a lot of fun.

Regarding the playfield layout, I need to paraphrase what a couple of friends told me. "Data East Jurassic Park is the best Pat Lawlor machine that Pat Lawlor didn't make." Put another way, DE borrowed liberally of Pat's design chest. To be blunt, there are a lot of similarities between Jurassic Park at Adams Family that one can only chalk up to lots of "borrowing" by DE.

Oh. Did I mention the T-Rex that eats pinballs? That is truly awesome.


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